The On Top Feeling

I heard a quote today it was from a Horologist and was a sundial phrase (apparently all sundials have phrases..) it translated from latin to roughly, every one hurts and the last one kills, life has been good this week, a few things in my second job are going real great so thats good, I am however awaiting my downfall, as I know it will come but I am acheiving as much as possible while im on the summit, and it feels really good.

So I suppose if you wanted to hang out while im in a good mood get at me cos its now 😂

Ocean and Water

Disappearing thoughts and recurring themes

The imagination of your feelings are the latest thing to haunt my dreams

You use different words when we speak but they all are the same to me

Your abrasive exterior is as rough as reef to the smooth sea

Your approach is as usual and as its always been

Crumbs on the floor crumbs on which my stupid mind can feed

Follow your trail like a lamb to the slaughter

You have everything that scares me and I have everything you think you need

Nonchalantly giving away insight like it was ocean and water