Someone Once Asked me pt. 2

 wholeheartedly believe I have allowed and committed to everything I have done, If I’ve been in a shit spot, it’s because I have allowed it to happen, If I’ve ever had the urge and opportunity to do something I’ve done it, and not all these things are impulsive, again I am the most overthinking impulsive person ever… I know that things don’t always happen straightaway, and I do work for stuff, the issue is that I tend to allow myself to get stuck in situations that I once wanted, and by the time they eventuate, it’s awkward as shit too bail from, so just punch on through, sometimes at a financial loss, sometimes an emotional / spiritual loss, but again, I make no excuses for why I’m there, because I know at some point my consciousness willed it to be, I’m not afraid to say I fucked up, and the worst part is I find it hard to apologise for a lot of things, because again I willed it to be, and I’m not gonna take the other persons sadness or angst with me wherever I go after this…


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