Still Running

I’m at that awkward stage in my life, where all my stories are tired, my memories are weak, But even with the pain, I long for the lost feelings of imitated grandeur.

I don’t think that back then I missed the past, or maybe I did and that feeling just ages with you, maybe it’s just an age thing and as we weather we remember when it wasn’t always like that, when we weren’t deeper in debt have as many scars or our hands didn’t hurt when it was cold, then, Just to add to the fully perplexing nature of our conscious existence ‘life’ reminds you that there are good things, there are no hangovers or comedowns, no gear shakes on a Monday and no longing for a jacks on a Tuesday at 8am.

It also reminds you that you’ve faced so many demons so many fucking battles, physical emotional and worst of all moral, yet here you are… you fuckin nailed it, you won, life is the only race you’ve won so many times but haven’t finished yet.

RIP Big Fella.

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